Theater Macedonio Alcalá

1 November Lukas Avendaño – Réquiem Para un Alcaraván

4&5 November Akram Khan Company – Chotto Desh

15&16 November Lior Tavori Dance Company – 8th Day

Cost for each performance: 550 – 380 MXN

Theater Benito Juárez

7&8 November Christian Ben Aim for VANGELIS DANCE COMPANY

9 November Benito González – Danza de las Cabezas

10 November Evoe Sotelo – Sobrevivir al Vacío

11&12 November Tadashi Endo

14&15 Noviembre Laura Vera & Seo Jeong Bin

Cost for each performance: 330 – 230 MXN


Multidisciplinary Space La Clinica

Music Concerts

1 November Music Live Set with Niklas Paschburg
2 November Music with Praful
3 November Music with Sheffy Oren Bach

Dance Performances

7&8 November Christian Ben Aim – SNAPSHOTS #3

13&14 November Darlingbuds – Membrane

15 November Darlingbuds – Amoebas con Elia & Alex

Cost for each performance: 250 MXN


Plaza de La Danza

16 November Yoann Bourgeois Art Company – Approach 17 Stairs

Free for the community!

To have access to this performance you need to send an email.

Please choose from 17:00 / 17:30 / 18:00 and email to [email protected]



We offer discounts:

50% for students & children,
30% seniors, teachers and dance artists.

Email us for more information how to book.

You can buy tickets at this link, or scroll further down!

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