1st Oaxaca City Performing and Healing Arts Festival (OCPHAF)

Started in 2023, the Oaxaca City Performing and Healing Arts Festival (OCPHAF) is a flagship performing & healing arts festival in the heart of Oaxaca City that presents new contemporary performances and dance productions that stimulate and inspire the public of all ages and cultural background.

Every year we invite local and international emerging and professional dancers, choreographers and dance companies to collaborate as well as present their existing productions.

The OCPHAF is a festival that nurtures profound research and development for bringing to the world unique new dance productions created by local and international artists.


The 1st Oaxaca City Performing & Healing Arts Festival (OCPHAF) will be held on 1 – 16 November 2023, at the Teatro Macedonio Alcalá, Teatro Benito Juárez, La Clínica, Plaza de La Danza, and other.

There will be performances by the resident artists of the OCICAROS as well as performances by international master teachers, performers and dance companies.

Don’t miss this special evenings to experience their cutting edge performances!

Unity Space and Invernadero Danza co-produce the festival


The festival program consists of four major parts:

◆ Inviting International & Local Dance Companies

Dance Companies will present new cutting edge performances at the OCPHAF. Most of the productions have never been presented in Mexico, which provides the exciting platform for both choreographers and the audiences of Mexico to interact and connect through dance.

◆ Inviting International & Local Choreographers & Dance Teachers

Guest International Master Choreographers and dance teachers will be teaching master workshops and repertoire for final performances.

The workshops are open to dance students and professional dance artists, the repertoire is open to emerging and professional dance artists.

◆ Music Artists

We invite music artists who focus their work on contemporary music composition as well as on meditation and medicine music so as to bring a deeper healing and transformative environment to the festival. Music is healing. Music connects the world beyond any distinctions on nationality, ethnicity, gender, and religion preferences.

◆ OCICAROS Artists in Residency

– Providing a platform for cultural exchange for Oaxaca City local and international artists –

Oaxaca City International Collective Artist in Residency for Opportunities and Sustainability (OCICAROS) that provides a platform for cultural exchange for Oaxaca City and international artists to create new dance productions to present at the OCPHAF. Unity Space supports the artists with rehearsal space, mentoring, master workshops and stage production; as well as offers 2 Choreography Award Prizes to two best choreographies created.


To create and offer to the public and all artists a unique dance and choreography festival for cultural exchange, creativity, safe space for risk taking, sustainability, and most importantly personal growth.


To foster a change through dance, performance, and healing. This space will be a space of integration to unite diverse cultures, ethnicities, belief systems, and age groups together, and lead the way for a harmonious co-existence and growth in the 21st century.


The Oaxaca City Performance and Healing Arts Festival (OCPHAF) is modelled specifically during the residency OCICAROS so as to give more opportunities to local and international artists living and working in Mexico by interacting and working with international artists from across the world.

The model of this Artist in Residency has been initiated since 2016 in Hong Kong for the festival HKICF. Unity Space invited great dance artists, choreographers , and companies to be part at the HKICF:


Roberto Olivan (Spain) , Edivaldo Ernesto (Mozambique/Germany), Judith Sanchez Ruiz (Cuba/Germany), Alexandra Waierstall (Germany), Sasha Roubicek (UK), Jose Agudo (Spain/UK), Matan David (Israel), Harry Koushos (Greece), Roberta Mosca (Italy), Konstandina Euthimiadou (Greece), Kae Ishimoto (Japan), Christine Gouzelis (Greece), Paul Blackman (Australia)


Aura Dance Theatre (Lithuania), Jukstapoz Dance Company (Greece), Andrea Pena & Artists (Canada), Alexandra Waierstall Dance Company (Germany/UK), Jose Agudo Dance Company (UK), Lewis Major Project (Australia), Unicorn Dance Company (Vietnam), Bodhi Project SEAD (Austria)


27 Hong Kong Local Dance Artists
38 International Dance Artists (Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Germany, France, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherland, Philippine, Singapore, Spain, USA)


  • To bridge the gap between student-dependent life and professional-independent life with mentoring, feedbacks and a constructive support so as for the young artists to reach high in their careers.
  • To offer a high standards platform and the safe space where artists can freely present and perform their new choreographic productions in HK.
  • To define borders and limitation, to bypass them and liberate ourselves from any obstacles, difficulties and restrictions to move on in life and career.
  • To co-create within the subjects of dance, performance, choreography, music & voice so as to support and spread interdisciplinary, collective and holistic education across the globe.
  • To allow authentic feelings and emotions, inner sensations and intuitive creative processes to unearth within the young artists and truthfully voice themselves through dance and performance.
  • To present to the public the new young generations, the new artists who have a lot to voice and offer to the community of HK and abroad.
  • To develop and enhance creativity, perception, awareness, consciousness and moreover to entertain the public and develop the living standards by raising awareness, understanding and communication.


Date: 1 – 16 November 2023

Duration: 16 Days

Teatro Macedonio Alcalà
Teatro Benito Juárez
La Clinica

Guest Companies:

Akram Khan Company (England)
Yoann Bourgeois Art Company (France)
Christian et François Ben Aïm (France)
Vangelis Dance Company (Greece)
Tadashi Endo (Japan)
Lukas Avendaño (Mexico)
Evoe Sotelo & Benito Gonzalez (Mexico)
Laura Vera (Mexico)

Guest Choreographers:
Christian Ben Aïm (France)

OCICAROS Resident Artists:
Seo Jeong Bin (South Korea)
Elia Pangaro (Italy)
More to be confirmed

Music Concerts and DJ:
Niklas Paschburg (Germany)
Praful Music (Germany)
Sheffy Oren Bach (Israel)

Associated Festival Partner & Co-producer:
Invernadero Danza Oaxaca

Sponsors & Partners:

Media Partners: Oaxaca es un Pais

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