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1st OCPHAF – Oaxaca City Performing and Healing Arts Festival

During the OCPHAF festival and residency OCICAROS we will support and guide artists to present their work as well as research and develop new dance productions. We are here to bring to the world unique new dance productions created by local and international artists.

Our mission is to create and offer to the public and all artists a performance, dance, and healing festival for cultural exchange, cutting edge innovation and creativity, risk taking, sustainability and most importantly personal growth.

The OCPHAF festival is not only a festival to present dance, it is a festival that guides new generations to research and develop new dance productions created collectively by the resident artists during the OCICAROS residency.

We focus on four strands:

1) Dance Companies & Artists

Akram Khan Company (UK), Lior Tavori Dance Company (Israel), Christian et François Ben Aïm (France), Yoann Bourgeois Art Company (France), Tadashi Endo (Japan), Lukas Avendaño (Mexico), Laura Vera (Mexico), Evoe Sotelo (Mexico), Benito González (Mexico), Seo Jeong Bin (South Korea).

2) Choreographers & Teachers

Christian Ben Aïm for VDC (New Creation), Pau Aran, Jasper Narvaez, Nico Ricchini, Tadashi Endo (New Creation) and others.

3) Resident Artists

Toto, (Guadalajara), Abdiel Villaseñor, (Morelia) y Rosario Ordoñez (Oaxaca), Durlingbuds a collective formed by Elia Pangaro (IT), Alexander de Vries (NL/TH/IT), Chiara Pernicini (IT), Matilde Tommasini (IT), Roberto Lagerman (IT/SE), Jovana Martic (IT/SRB).

4) Music Artists

Niklas Paschburg (Germany), Praful (Germany), Sheffy Oren Bach (Israel).

The OCPHAF takes place along with the collective artists in residency OCICAROS. Artists from across the world come together to research and develop new dance productions. The artists can work on their own solo work or collaborate with other resident artists or local dance artists, as well as they can be part in the projects of other artists. It is a collective artists in residency where creativity in dance and choreography flourishes.

Our vision is to heighten and foster the ultimate understanding that we are all here in this world to connect and communicate, to learn and grow, to become one.

OCPHAF is leading the way for challenging and questioning the dance and choreography practice nowadays, and how this can have a positive impact in the world.

OCPHAF allows itself to imagine possibilities emanating from the human fabric and collective responsibility in the face of our environment in crisis.

Oaxaca: a cultural epicentre, space of reverie, of fantasy arising from tradition and ancient talents. Dance—always present in the daily lives of communities—is a living channel for communicating from the edges of language and of dreams. In addition, contemporary practices possess diverse local experiences of civic management, training, and the development of choreographic projects.

1st OCPHAF 1 – 16 November 2023

Applications open:[email protected]

For this 1st edition, the guest artists as well as OCICAROS resident artists will be presenting their work related to the theme “TRUTH”. Don’t miss this special evenings to experience their cutting edge performances!

OCPHAF has been conceived by UNITY SPACE ( from previous festivals like HKICF (Hong Kong International Choreography Festival).

OCPHAF is produced by Invernadero Danza OAXACA (, and Unity Space, both collaborating and managing the festival so as to bring a unique experience to local and international communities who will visit this festival.

Invernadero Danza, is bolstering this festival, we have opened doors as well as built bridges, forums, and different types of shared attention so that great possibilities can arise.

Unity Space is an established international organization focused on events, festivals, programs, and courses dedicated to dance and healing.

The festival OCPHAF will be an influential and established multi-cultural festival focusing on dance, performance, music, and healing, in the heart of Latin America – Mexico.



1 – 16 November 2023

Creating a supported environment for RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT for all artists.

The 1st Oaxaca City International Collective Artist in Residency for Opportunities and Sustainability (OCICAROS), is taking place in October & November 2023 where local and international artists will be able to collaborate, interact, exchange and share their creative process.

All artists involved in the residency OCICAROS will perform their production at the festival 1st OCPHAF.

Our mission is to create the right environment for a profound RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT; we support and promote new innovative choreographic works for the new voices of the current dance industry to be heard.

Together the festival OCPHAF and collective residency OCICAROS are creating a unique innovative integration by having young, established and professional companies interacting with one another. 

We wholeheartedly invite you to visit and be part of a unique experience that will transform your career, but most importantly your life and the relationships you build in your life. OCICAROS is a residency for transformation and growth.


Unity Space Artistic Director – Vangelis Legakis,  has initiated different festivals across the world and now it is the first time for the OCPHAF and OCICAROS in MEXICO. This festival will bring Collaboration, Integration, Synergy and Unity to the lives of all local and international artists with diverse audience.

Unity Space in collaboration with Invernadero Danza Oaxaca are co-funding and co-creating this festival. We envision and wish that our efforts and core beliefs will meet like minded artists, institutions and organisations for together to co-create and enhance both events to offer more to all local and international artists as well as to the audience of all ages and backgrounds.


OCPHAF is presented by


UNITY SPACE proudly presents International Festivals, Projects, Artists in Residency, Leadership Program
and Educational Courses around the world

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