The 1st OC International Collective Artist in Residency for Opportunities and Sustainability (OCICAROS), is taking place in November 2023 where local and international artists will be able to collaborate, interact, exchange and share their creative process.

All artists involved in the residency OCICAROS will perform their production at the festival 1st OCPHAF.

El 1er OC International Collective Artist in Residency for Opportunities and Sustainability (OCICAROS), se llevará a cabo en noviembre de 2023 donde artistas locales e internacionales podrán colaborar, interactuar, intercambiar y compartir su proceso creativo.

Todos los artistas involucrados en la residencia OCICAROS presentarán su producción en el 1er festival OCPHAF.


The name ‘ICAROS’ is taken from the Greek Myth named Daedalus and Icarus (the name here is spelled little different for the purposes of the residency project).

The Myth says that Daedalus managed to create gigantic wings, using branches of osier and connected them with wax to escape with his son Icarus from a labyrinth. Icarus being excited flew too close to the sun, which caused the wings to melt, and fell into the sea and drowned. The Icarian Sea, where he fell, was named after him and there is also a nearby small island called Icaria.

El nombre ‘ICAROS’ se toma del mito griego llamado Dédalo e Ícaro (el nombre aquí se escribe un poco diferente para los propósitos del proyecto de residencia).

El Mito dice que Dédalo logró crear alas gigantescas, usando ramas de mimbre y las conectó con cera para escapar con su hijo Ícaro de un laberinto. Ícaro, emocionado, voló demasiado cerca del sol, lo que provocó que las alas se derritieran, cayó al mar y se ahogó. El mar de Icaria, donde cayó, lleva su nombre y también hay una pequeña isla cercana llamada Icaria.

Taking this Myth in a metaphoric manner, the residency will offer a substantial support and will foster young artists and more professional ones, to ‘fly’ safe to their new and grown up careers. All artists will be offered free mentoring, rehearsal space, promotion and theatre for performances so as to support and promote their works throughout the whole residency and festival.

This opportunity will provide the meeting point and the safe space where international artists can work together with local artists and co-create in a collective spirit in an international and national spectrum.

Tomando este Mito de manera metafórica, la residencia ofrecerá un apoyo sustancial y alentará a artistas jóvenes y más profesionales a ‘volar’ seguros hacia sus nuevas y adultas carreras. A todos los artistas se les ofrecerá tutoría gratuita, espacio de ensayo, promoción y teatro para presentaciones a fin de apoyar y promover sus obras durante toda la residencia y el festival.

Esta oportunidad brindará el punto de encuentro y el espacio seguro donde los artistas internacionales puedan trabajar junto con artistas locales y co-crear en un espíritu colectivo en un espectro internacional y nacional.


  • To offer a high standards platform and the safe space where artists can freely create and express their ideas and views about the nowadays choreography and dance scene in Oaxaca City, Mexico and abroad.
  • To bridge the gap between student-dependent life and professional-independent life with mentoring, feedbacks and a constructive support so as for the young artists to reach high in their careers, and the more established artists to develop more.
  • To allow authentic feelings and emotions, inner sensations and intuitive creative processes to unearth within the young artists and truthfully voice themselves through dance and performance.
  • To define borders and limitation, to bypass them and liberate ourselves from any obstacles, difficulties and restrictions to move on in our careers.
  • To co-create within the subjects of dance, performing arts, choreography, music & voice so as to support and spread interdisciplinary, collective and holistic education across the globe.
  • To introduce new pedagogical methodologies for interdisciplinary edifying projects, festivals, workshops and teachings that are applicable and reachable to young artists as well as more established and professional ones.
  • To create an environment of sustainability and growth for young and more established dance artists.


1st OCICAROS Artists in Residency Date: 1-16 NOVEMBER 2023
Performance at 1st OCPHAF: 14 & 15 NOVEMBER 2023
Performance Venue: Site Specific
Presented & Organised by: Unity Space |
Registration Fee: Free

Unity Space offers:

  • Rehearsal-studio space
  • Master workshops
  • Mentoring
  • Publication of your production
  • Lighting and stage design assistance
  • A performance at one of our Site Specific locations for the festival 1st OCPHAF.

*For this year we accept applications for group works up to 3 artists per group.

The registration fee does not include:

  • Flights to and from Oaxaca City
  • Accommodation during all period
  • All the transportation fees during the residency (including the transportation from the air port to the residency)
  • Food during the residency period
  • All the other possible expenses other than what is stated under “Unity Space Offers”

How to Apply:

Send your CV and motivation letter with links of your past works and stating your possible choreographic idea for research and development during the residency OCICAROS to [email protected]

This is a collective artists in residency so any artist can perform and participate in the productions of the others as well as create their own choreographies!

Application Deadline: Application for 1st OCPHAF is now OPEN until places are booked.

Scholarships for MEXICAN & Local Dance Artists

We are aware of how hard it is to survive as an artist in Mexico, thus Unity Space offers 2 scholarships to local artists in Mexico. The scholarships are for a solo production and a duet. The terms and conditions are that the artists will be offered benefits of the residency OCICAROS & festival OCPHAF also paid return flights, accommodation, and be part in all workshops.

The pieces need to be up to 10 mins long.

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